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Austin Fence Staining Austin,Tx


 When looking for a company to stain your fence it is very important to find out if the contractor knows what they are talking about. There are a few steps in the fence staining process. If the fence is a new fence the wood will be ready for your product to be applied. If you are planing on staining a fence that has been subjected to the elements for over three months tou will need to clean and prepare or condition your fence with a chemical product. Never presure wash a fence! Anyone who tells you it is best to presure wash your fence prior to staining your fence does not know what they are doing. Presure washing your fence will strip layers of wood off of your fence and it will speed up the rotting process. Staining a fence after it has been washed will seal water in the wood and it will be counter productive. After you clean and condition your fence it is time to let the fence dry. Next, you are ready to apply your stain. There are several different ways to approach this task. It is very important you know what the difference between solid and transparent colors are. It is also a great idea to know what your fence stain will look like on your fence before you start applying the product. We suggest that wou apply some of the fence stain on a sample piece of wood. When you are trying to salvage an old fence it is best to use a solid stain color. When staining a new fence transparent fence stains allow you to preserve the natural look of the woods grains.


Austin fencing company


Here is a fence with clear finish on the right side.