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The Austin Fence Company (512) 662-7415

About Us


The Austin Fence Companies goal in business is to serve the market with the highest quality fence, decorative iron railing and specialty products.  The materials and styles we offer are unsurpassed; from our cedar fencing to our custom iron handrails, we offer the best products whether inside or outside your home.  For samples, look through the examples of our work here on the website.  You can tell us exactly what you want or have our professional designer help you create a design that is distinctly yours.

The Austin Fence Company goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied and that our finish product will look good long after we leave the job site by coating all of our wood fences with a Behr weatherproofer,watersealer, and natural cedar finish.

The Austin Fence Company has a reputation for quality and excellent customer service.  Whether a residential or commercial application, we are known for our attention to detail, design and functionality.

We work throughout Austin and the Surrounding areas.


Austin Fence Contractors Austin,Tx


The Austin Fence Company offers free weatherproofing water-sealing and a natural cedar stain on the installation of all our cedar wood fences. We believe in going the extra mile to secure a satisfied customer. All of our fences are guaranteed and backed by a written warranty.

We also strongly suggest to our potential clients to shop around and compare not only prices but materials to be used the construction of your fence. Keep in mind that is several ways a fence can be quoted to lower the cost.


One of our experienced project managers will come out to your property and work with you to make a detailed design for your fence.

We will give you a descriptive material list, and explain the entire fence installation process from start to finish with you.





Wood Fence installation Austin,Tx


The Austin Fence Company is proud is number one in wood fence installation Austin,Tx and surrounding areas. We would like to meet with you to help you design your wood fence installation project. Call us today or request an online fence quote,


wood fence in Austin Texas

This horizontal wood fence installation project shows a tree that was on the fence line that our wood fence installation team trimmed out and still kept our clients goal of privacy in mind. This horizontal fence installation also shows the beautiful western red cedr wood used in our fence construction.


Wood fence Austin, TX

This shadow box wood fence installation project was installed in Austin,Tx by the Austin Fence Company's wood fence installation team. Our shadow box fences provide a beautiful alternative to cedar privacy fence installation.

basket weave fence

This basket weave wood fence installation shows a very beautiful western red cedar wood.



horizontal privacy fence Austin,Texas

This horizontal wood fence installation project shows a rock wall that the Austin Fence Company's wood fence installation team trimmed the fence around and managed to keep full privacy.


horizontal privacy fence Austin,Tx

 The Austin wood fence installation team shows another case of those trees that provide shade being trimmed around to provide maximum privacy.

cap and trim fence Austin, Tx

The Austin wood fence installation teams cap and trim fence shows two arched wood gates and beautiful cedar wood.



wood fencing Austin, Texas ll

Here is another example of how the Austin wood fence installation team builds our custom horizontal wood fence.


horizontal fence installation Austin

Austin wood fence installation teams horizontal wood fence with step ups to keep the fence level at the top and incline with the grade.

privacy fence Austin

The Austin wood fence installation crew shows a board on board-shdow box-cap and trim fence better known as a california shadow box fence.



horizontal wood fence Austin,Tx


Austin fence company's wood fence installation crews horizontal fence projects come with free stain.